The Critical Fundamentals of Business Start-Up Design, Michael Radin (sala Rzym)

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SUBJECT: The Critical Fundamentals of Business Start-Up Design
LECTURER: Michael A. Radin

The aims of the presentation are to get acquainted with fundamentals of creativity, innovations and leadership.

  • How do these lead to developing a business start-up and writing a welcoming selling story?
  • How is feedback connected to creativity, innovations and leadership?

Michael A. Radin is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Rochester Institute of Technology. Michael is also an international scholar with vast experiences. In 2009, Michael spent his first sabbatical teaching at the Aegean University on the Island of Samos in Greece. In 2016, Michael spent his second sabbatical teaching at Riga Technical University, University of Liepaja and Transportation & Sakaru Institute; taught Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Difference Equations, and Discrete Mathematics.

Michael also developed several interdisciplinary courses and seminars such as “Developing International & Interdisciplinary Research Coalitions”, “Risk Management Seminar” and “Introduction to Recognition & Deciphering of Patterns”. Michael published 6 textbooks with World Scientific Publishing Company, CRC Press and Springer. He recently published a book on “International & Multidisciplinary Pedagogy” with the World Scientific Publishing Company. He is also the series editor for the World Scientific Publishing Company as well.

Michael has publications in applied mathematics such as Neural Networking, Modelling Extinct Civilizations, Modelling Human Emotions and Economic Cycles. Michael also has several publications in International Pedagogy. During the last 20 years, Michael published several papers together with his undergraduate and graduate students at RIT and has publications with students and colleagues from Riga Technical University, University of Latvia, Munich Technical University, Yuriy Bugay International & Scientific Technical University in Kiev, Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev, and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Prowadzący: Michael Radin
Organizator: Biuro Współpracy Międzynarodowej
Język wykładu: angielski
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